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Global Experience and Expertise

With nationwide and regional presence
of Skilled & Qualified Attorneys

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Justice for All

We innovatively and proactively add value to our clients by offering them
a world-class service.

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Justice Delivery

We proactively ensure that Justice is delivered
in timely manner.

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30 Years of Service

We have been representing Clients
since 1989

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Experienced and Well equipped Lawyers

offering high level legal representation
to the satisfaction of all & sundry

Tested and Trusted

The firm focuses on representing clients with cases involving business law, securities, corporate finance amongst other legal fields.
Since its inception the firm has represented clients ranging from private individuals to small businesses and large corporations.
The firm values the trust clients place in them and work hard to provide solid, effective representation to meet those diverse legal needs.

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Our Offices:

Contact Access

The Firm has two offices with the Headquaters based in Mombasa while the other office is in Nairobi

Mombasa Phone Line

Office | +254(0)716640558

            | +254(0)739696457

            | +254(0)773078414

Nairobi Phone Line

Office | +254(0)740417693

            | +254(0)735865459

            | +254(0)776390118

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